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EnglishThe Letter [HD 1080] [HD 720] A well-bred, lovely, spiritual, sad young woman marries an attentive physician who loves her. She feels affection but no love. Soon after, without design, she falls in love with Pedro Abrunhosa, a poet and performance artist. He also loves her. She keeps her distance from him, confessing her love to a friend who is a nun and, later, to her husband. Hunger for her love and jealousy consume him; she attends him as he wastes away. With his death, she can marry and express her passion, but what she does and how she explains herself, particularly to her cloistered friend, is at the heart of the film. Glimpses of convent life and of Abrunhosa on stage give contrast and mute comment.
EspañolThe Letter [HD 1080] [HD 720] La señorita De Chartres ha sufrido su primer desengaño amoroso. Una noche, una amiga de su madre le presenta a un médico de gran reputación, Jacques de Clèves. Este se enamora de ella, y ambos se casan, a pesar de que ella no le corresponde en su amor. En cambio, un cantante de moda sí hace nacer en ella este sentimiento. La lucha entre su matrimonio y sus sentimientos desembocarán en un callejón sin salida para la nueva señora de Clèves.